The 8 Days Lemosho Route kilimanjaro climbing package is the most scenic path in Kilimanjaro, With 8 days of kilimanjaro climbing,Lemosho route supports gradual acclimatization and high success rate of reaching Uhuru peak.

8 Days Lemosho Route kilimanjaro climbing Package Overview

The 8 Days Lemosho route Kilimanjaro climbing package is considered the most scenic trail on Kilimanjaro climbing.The 8 days route grants panoramic vistas on various sides of the kilimanjaro mountain. As one of the newer routes, 8 days lemosho route is a superb choice for your climb. It is our preferred 8 days kilimanjaro climbing route due to its ideal balance of low crowds, beautiful scenery and a high summit success rate.Most Kilimanjaro Climbing and Safari Tours specializes in guiding on the Lemosho route because of this factor. Most of our clients climb Kilimanjaro using this 8 days Lemosho route and they consistently report that they loved it. Thus, climbing kilimanjaro with 8 days Lemosho route is highly recommended.

The 8 days Lemosho Kilimanjaro climbing route approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the west.This 8 days kilimanjaro climbing package begins with a long drive from Moshi town to Londorossi Gate. From there, the first 2 days are spent trekking through the rainforest to Shira Ridge. The 8 days Lemosho route crosses the entire Shira Plateau from west to east in a pleasant, relatively flat hike. Crowds are low until the route joins the Machame route near Lava Tower. Then traverses underneath Kilimanjaro's Southern Ice Field on a path known as the Southern Circuit before summiting from Barafu. Descent for the 8 days lemosho itinerary is made via the Mweka route.The 7 days Lemosho route Kilimanjaro climbing Itinerary combines days five and six, going from Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp without staying at Karanga. A 9 days kilimanjaro climbing itinerary through lemosho route includes an overnight at Crater Camp, is available as a private climb by special request.

8 Days Lemosho Route kilimanjaro climbing Package Itinerary

Day 1 : Moshi to Lendorossi Gate to Big Tree Camp

After breakfast a briefing at your hotel will be given by your chief Guide followed by a drive to Londorossi Park Gate (2,250m / 7,380ft, 2.5 hours). After park rules and regulations the trail commencing takes us to the forest with our 4WD vehicle towards Lemosho Glades (2,390m 7,830ft, 11km, 45 minutes) and Walk along the forest trails to Mti Mkubwa campsite thereafter dinner and overnight at Mti Mkubwa camp site.

  • Lunch & Dinner
  • 7kms (4 hours)
  • Big Tree Camp

Day 2 : Big Tree Camp to Shira Camp

The trail slowly becoming very steep and enters the moorland zone, then crosses the Shira Ridge at 3,600 m/11,810 ft and drops gently to Shira Camp one located by a stream on the Shira Plateau. Early morning after breakfast continue as the trail gradually steeping and enters the giant heather moorland zone Several streams are crossed then it gains the Shira ridge at about 3600m / 11,810ft and drops gently down to Shira one camp site located near by the streams on the Shira Plateau. Dinner and overnight at Shira one campsite.

  • Breakast, Lunch & Dinner
  • 16.5 kms(9-11 hours)
  • Shira Campsite

Day 3 : Shira Campsite

Today you will have very moderate walk across the plateau which leads you to Shira Camp two on moorland meadows by a stream. Although variety walks are available on the plateau just to make this an excellent acclimatization day.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • 10 km (7 hours)
  • Barranco Camp

Day 4 : Shira Campsite to Lava Tower

You will have breakfast and precede hiking east up to a steeping path above the vegetation toward Kilimanjaro looming mass. After several hours of walking now commerce you’re a walk through a rocky landscape to reach the prominent landmark called Lava Tower at 4,630 m/15,190 ft. This chunky remnant of Kilimanjaro earlier volcanic activity is several hundred feet high, and the trail passes right below it. For extra credit, the sure-footed can scramble to the top of the tower.

After a lunch stop near Lava Tower, descend for 2 hours below the lower cliffs of the Western Breach and Breach Wall to Barranco Camp at 3,950 m/12,960 ft. There are plentiful photo opportunities on this hike, especially if the walls are festooned with ice. Barranco Camp is in a valley below the Breach and Great Barranco Walls, which should provide you with a memorable sunset while you wait for your dinner. On this day, be careful to become aware of any signs of altitude sickness.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • 5.5km (5hours)
  • Karanga Camp

Day 5 : Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp

After a good night’s rest and breakfast, we set off on our walk to Barafu camp at 4640m. The climb will take us across desolate scree slopes with no vegetation around us at all. It’s a tough steep walk made more difficult by the altitude. On arriving at camp we eat and spend the afternoon resting as we prepare for a long night and day ahead. It is important to keep hydrated and warm. We have an early dinner and then try to get some sleep as we will be getting up at between 11pm and 12pm to start the climb to the summit.

  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • 3kms (3-4) hours
  • Barafu Camp

Day 6 : Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp

This morning you will hike east over intervening ridges and valley to join the Mweka Route, which will be your descent route. Turn left toward the mountain and hike up the ridge through a sparse landscape for another hour to Barafu Hut where you will receive a hot lunch. The last water point on this 8 day lemosho route is Karanga Valley as there is no water at Barafu Camp. Even though Barafu is the Swahili word for ice. The famous snows of Kilimanjaro are far above Barafu Camp near the summit of the mountain. Your tent will be pitched on a narrow, stony, wind-swept ridge, so make sure that you familiarize yourself with the terrain before dark to avoid any accidents. Prepare your equipment and warm clothing for your summit climb, and drink a lot of fluids. After an early dinner, go to bed for a few hours of valued sleep.

  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • 13kms (12-15) hours
  • Millenium Campsite

Day 7: Summit Day - Barafu Camp

You will be up around 11:30 PM, and after some hot tea and biscuits you will drag your feet off into the night. 6-hour climb northwest up through heavy scree between the Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers to Stella Point on the crater rim is the most challenging part of the lemosho route for most climbers. At Stella Point 5,685 m/18,650 ft .You stop for a short rest and a chance to see a supremely sanguine sunrise. At Stella Point you join the top part of Marangu Route but do not stop here too long, as it will be extremely difficult to start again due to cold and exhaustion.

Depending on the time of year and current storms you may stumble upon snow on your remaining hike along the rim to Uhuru Peak. On the summit, you can enjoy your accomplishment and know that you are creating a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. After your 3-hour descent from the summit back to Barafu Camp, you will have a well-deserved but short rest collect your gear, and hike down a rock and scree path into the moorland and sooner or later into the forest to Mweka Camp 3,100 m/10,170 ft This camp is in the upper forest, so you can anticipate mist or rain in the late afternoon.Dinner and washing water will be prepared and the camp office sells drinking water, soft drinks, chocolates, and beers.

  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • 12kms (6 hours)

Day 8: Mweka Campsite to Mweka Gate

For the last day of 8 days lemosho route ,After a well deserved breakfast. It is a short scenic 3-hours hike back to the park gate, please note no tips is given on the way until all your gears and the rest of the crew have reached the gate safely, but do remember to tip your staff at the gate, At Mweka Gate you will sign your name and add details in a register.

This is also where successful climbers normally receive their summit certificates for the 8 days kilimanjaro climbing and can be followed by a bottle of champaigne. Climbers who reached Stella Point are issued green certificates and those who reached Uhuru Peak receive gold certificates. From Mweka Gate you will continue down to Mweka Village 3 km where you will be served a delicious hot lunch after which you are driven back to Moshi.

  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • 12kms (6 hours)


  • Guide
  • park Fees
  • Tax
  • Gate Transfer
  • Crew Wages


  • Meals and Drinking Water


  • Campsites


  • Cook
  • Porters

Services not Included

  • Flights
  • Tipping the Crew
  • Visas

A View of Lemosho route Kilimanjaro Climbing

5 days marangu route kilimanjaro climbing

Map from Lemosho Gate to Uhuru peak

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FAQ :Most asked questions

Qns 1:Can I combine the Lemosho route with a safari or other activities?

Answer :Yes, it is possible to combine the Lemosho route with a safari or other tour activities like days trips in Tanzania.Rede tours and safaris provide a package options that include both climbing and wildlife experiences.Book with us today to get the best experience of safari tour,Kilimanjaro climbing/hiking and Zanzibar trips

Qns 2:Can I climb the Lemosho route with a pre-arranged group of friends or family?

Answer:Yes, you can climb the Lemosho route with a pre-arranged group of friends or family. This allows you to have a more personalized experience with your chosen companions.It also help to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones

Qns 3:How many people are usually in a climbing group on the Lemosho route?

Answer:The size of climbing groups on the Lemosho route can vary, but a normal joining group takes about 6 to 12 climbers, accompanied by guides and support staff.

Qns 4: Can I book the Lemosho route directly or do I need a tour operator?

Answer:Climbing the Lemosho route requires booking through a licensed tour operator, who will provide guides, porters, permits, and logistics for a safe and organized kilimanjaro climb.Rede tours and safaris provides all this services in order for the climbers to have a successful Summit

Qns 5:Can special dietary requirements be accommodated on the Lemosho route?

Answer:Tour operators can accommodate special dietary requirements if communicated in advance. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary options are mostly available.