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    8 Days Relaxing Tours in Zanzibar

    General Overview

    From the base of the once a slave prison to the shallow waters of Kizimkazi where Dolphins hangout in the morning nursing their calves teaching them how to swim. This package offers five days incredible experience to the island. You will start off with prison Island Prison where you will immerse yourself in the history of once a slaves quarantine station currently, headquarters of giant land tortoises and one of the best snorkeling spots in the island. Either, this trip takes you to see the colubus monkeys, Bushbaby and the tall palm trees of the Jozani forest before taking you to the tip of the island and go off the shaores for about 15mins to find Mnemba island. With all this is Dolphin tour an opportunity to swim and chase dolphins in the shallow waters of kizimkazi. With this package you will also tour around the old city of Stone Town and cultural heart of Zanzibar. Very little has changed since the 1800's. It is still a place of winding alleys, bustling bazaars, mosques and grand Arab houses whose original owners with each other over the extravagance of their dwellings. On the next day We board the dhow and then set sail towards Bawe Island; where you will do some snorkeling and see the stunning array of colored corals and tropical fish of the island. You will have then sail you way to a sand bank where you have picnic lunch. There after we will take you to discover the world full of adventures! As pirates, merchants, and smugglers from around the world called Zanzibar home, and left their secrets on the island waiting for you to discover. Our zanzibuggy tours offers high-octane excursions along the old smugglers’ routes around the northern tip of the island.

    8 Days Relaxing Tours in ZanzibarIntinerary

    Day 1

    Upon arrival your guide will pick you up from the airport or habor! Thereafter, he will take you to check in a hotel in Stone Town. After you are checked in your guide will take you to have lunch and there after hop in boat and go to the prison Island! A boat to prison Island is 40mind and there you can immense your self with history of once a prison for slaves. You will have an opportunity to meet the giant tortoises and have an amazing time curdling and watering them. There after yyou may enjoy the beach! Sun Bathing and swimming. Also, as there is a reef near by you can take the opportunity to go on snorkeling. In the evening you will return to Stone town where dinner at forodhani is highly recommended!

    Day 2

    After breakfast your guide will be ready at the hotel lobby to take you to Jozani Forest! Here, you will have wonderful photo opportunities and sightings of the rare creatures living in the forest normally easy to view on the pathways. Our guides are also naturalists and nature lovers who have a wonderful time in the nature reserve therefore expect a lot of information. At jozani you will also visit the Mangrove swamp and walk around the Mangrove forest. After lunch you will have some free time as you head back to stone-town. You can allow anything random to come around!

    Day 3

    After break fast your guide will pick you up and transit to Matemwe beach where you will take a 15-minute boat ride. As you aproach it you will see an island surrounded by more than 10 miles of stunning reefs that create a sheltered lagoon. Our boats normally make a mini-diversion in search for dolphins shall you be lucky you will see them and swim with them. Thereafter, you will proceed to snorkeling where with just few feet of water you will start to see different rear marine creatures! You will then relax by the beach then have fruits and water. Later on you will start leaving heading back to Nungwi.

    Day 4

    Dolphin tour is best very early in the morning, because in the afternoon as the sun rises sea water tends to become warm, therefore dolphins dive deep down the sea bottom to escape heat, for the guests who stay in Stone town hotel, we pick them up from their hotels at 06:00am and 05:00am from beach hotels.! Although dolphin-spotting is a popular activity, sightings aren’t guaranteed 100%, and actually managing to swim with dolphins is a rare occurrence, like with other wild animals spotting dolphins require time and patience as they are not confined in a cage or a zoo, they are in their natural environment. Dolphin trips last two to three hours. Thereafter, you can take free time to enjoy the beach and make random plans!

    Day 5

    Dolphin tour is best very early in the morning, because in the afternoon as the sun rises sea water tends to become warm, therefore dolphins dive deep down the sea bottom to escape heat, for the guests who stay in Stone town hotel, we pick YOU up from your hotel at 06:00am and 05:00am from beach hotels. Upon arrival at Kizimkazi we will help you to choose your snorkeling gear (masks and flippers) Thereafter you will go on a boat and start searching for the Dolphins! Once spotted your guide will give you instructions on when to jump! After you are tired of swimming with the Dolphins you will then have an amazing time to chill by the beach and head back to the hotel for breakfast. Thereafter, take a free time enjoy the island and the beach!

    Day 6

    After breakfast we will pick you up at your hotel then heard to the boarding pot where you will get some briefing about the trip. You will then heard to do snorkeling near Bawe Island for about an hour; you will see the stunning array of colored corals and tropical fish of the islands. Then hop back on-board and let us sail you away to a sand bank where brilliant birdlife exists. At 12:30pm Lunch would have been prepared. After the astonishing picnic lunch we will start sailing back to Stone Town and arrive at the boarding pot at 2:30pm. Thereafter, you are subject to been free and allow randomness to be part of your plan.

    Day 7

    After breakfast you will head to the meet up point and start your thrilling journey with us in the beautiful Nungwi. After a quick orientation of the buggy, your guide reveals a secret smuggler’s path to a pristine fishing beach. Feel the wind in your face, the sun on your shoulders, and the sand rushing under your buggy as you zip through the stunning Zanzibar landscape. Our buggies pack plenty of punch and add a shot of adrenaline to your day, regardless of your experience level. Your guide customizes your expedition, making sure you feel safe and comfortable at all times. The adventure whizzes through lush farming and plantation area, under swaying palm trees, and over winding off-road trails, giving you plenty of time to practice your off-road driving skills under the instruction of your knowledgeable guide. You finish at a local village, where you chat with locals and watch fishermen repairing their traditional dhow boats, before returning to Nungwi. Thereafter, you are subject to been free and allow randomness to rule your day.

    Day 1

    This is the last day for you in Zanzibar we have left it free for you to purchase souvenir!



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