5 Days Tanzania private Safari
Serengeti Tarangire , Ngorongoro

Best 5 Days Tanzania Private Safari in Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater offers the best chance to spot major Africa wonders and the big 5 wildlife including rare black rhinos.Within a 5 day tanzania private Safari Itinerary,one can add lake manyara on the list. Get in touch for the tailor made 5 Days Tanzania Private Safari for 2023|2024

5 Days Tanzania private Safari Serengeti Tarangire Ngorongoro: Overview

The best 5 Days Tanzania Private safari to Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, Tarangire national park and Lake Manyara is a perfect adventure for anyone seeking to witness the magnificent wildlife and natural beauty of East Africa. This five-days Tanzania private safari will take you to some of Tanzania's most iconic national parks, such as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire National Park. During the five-day Tanzania private safari, you will have the opportunity to see the Big Five animal and other incredible wildlife, such as cheetahs, hyenas, and hippos. You can also witness the Great Migration, where millions of wildebeests and zebras cross the Serengeti plains in search of food and water.This best 5-day private safari will provide you with an immersive experience into the Maasai culture, where you can learn about their traditional way of life and their interactions with wildlife. You can visit a Maasai village, interact with the locals, and participate in cultural activities such as beadwork and traditional dances.Accommodation during this five-day Tanzania safari ranges from luxurious lodges to tented camps, providing you with a wide range of options to suit your preference and budget. You will enjoy delicious meals, often served in the midst of the wilderness, while listening to the sounds of the African bush.The Private 5 days Tanzania safari will be led by a professional guide who is knowledgeable about the wildlife, culture, and history of the region. The guide will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience, providing you with insights and information about the animals and the environment. Overall, the perfect private Tanzania safari for 5 Days is an adventure of a lifetime, providing you with the opportunity to witness some of the most stunning wildlife and landscapes in the world, while immersing yourself in the rich culture of Tanzania.

5 Days Tanzania private Safari Serengeti Tarangire , Ngorongoro

The Best 5 Days Tanzania Private Safari

5 Days Tanzania private Safari

A 5 Days private safari in Tanzania is a personalized and immersive experience that allows you to witness the country's incredible wildlife and natural beauty. You will have a private guide who will tailor the 5 days private safari itinerary to your interests and preferences, ensuring a flexible and customized adventure. You will visit famous national parks such as the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, where you can witness the Big Five and the Great Migration.

5 Days Tanzania Budget (Camp) To Luxury (Lodge) Safari : Overview

A private 5 Days Tanzania private safari is an excellent way to experience the country's incredible wildlife and natural beauty while enjoying personalized attention and flexibility.Accommodation options range from luxurious lodges to tented camps, providing you with a comfortable and authentic safari experience. Overall, a private 5 Days Tanzania safari is an unforgettable journey that offers a unique and exclusive perspective on the country's wildlife and culture.

5 Days Tanzania private Safari

Highlights For 5 Days Tanzania Private Safari

5 Days Tanzania private Safari

This 5 Days Tanzania private Safari is the best and perfect re-designed and arranged in a proper way.A day-to-day to give you chance to experience the African wildlife including the world-renowned natural reserve (Serengeti). The large volcanic caldera forming a wildlife garden (Ngorongoro Crater) last but not least the Boabab Trees and Ladge Elephant's home (Tarangire National Park).
Day of Arrival: JRO / Arusha Airport to Arusha City
Day 1: Arusha City to Tarangire National Park
Day 2: Karatu/Mto Wa Mbu to Serengeti National Park
Day 3: Full Day Game Drive In Serengeti (Migration)
Day 4: Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Rim
Day 5: Ngorongoro Crater Game then Drive to Arusha
Day of Departure: Arusha City (Hotel) to Airport

5 Days Tanzania Safari Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, And Tarangire :Itinerary

Day of Arrival : JRO / Arusha Airport to Arusha City

Meet our driver at Airport, who will pick you to Arusha for overnight and brief introduction of the Safari tour. This is always important for knowing the day to day activities.

Day 1 : Arusha City to Tarangire National Park

We will depart from Arusha in the morning and travel to the Tarangire National Park where you can marvel at the colossal termite mounds and the ancient baobab trees. The picturesque scenery and diverse bird-life assist in creating the tranquil ambiance of the Tarangire National Park. The great elephant population is an extremely remarkable sight. African elephants are the largest land mammal and adult males can weigh as much as seven tonnes. Tarangire’s varied wildlife includes lions, giraffes, warthogs, ostriches, impalas, cheetah, mongoose, buffaloes, and baboons.

Day 2 : Karatu/Mto Wa Mbu to Serengeti National Park

You will wake up early, after morning breakfast you will depart for Safari. Today heading to Serengeti National park. You will pass by Ngorongoro View point for some pictures, then continue with journey to Serengeti. You will have a lunch at the Serengeti entrance gate and some time for refresh. Then after entering to Serengeti, you will do a game drive heading to the specific appointed and booked tented camp or Lodge.

Day 3 : Full Day Game Drive In Serengeti (Migration)

Serengeti national park termed locally as an endless plain is one of the largest national parks not only in Tanzania but Africa at large. The great experience Serengeti can be fully executed through several game drives that take the guest close to the gates of nature viewing animals and other wildlife in different ecosystems of the Serengeti. The park is divided into several sectors from the Southern end bordering Ngorongoro crater to the further North bordering Maasai mara national reserve and the seronera area which is central circuit where most of the Morning game drives are done.
The game drives of Serengeti are subdivided in to four major groups those are Morning game drives which are done pre breakfast or after breakfast depending on the arrangement of the tour operator with their guests, morning game drives are the most common and most rewarding game drives in Serengeti. Catching with an early bird in the bush, most of the animals are more lively or active during morning time especially during dry season when the water is scarce and animals depend mostly on the early morning dues. Big cats on sunbathing and mission of hunting is incredible, in fact 90% of the morning game drives are well stocked with true African wilderness experience with the best videos of African wilderness recorded in the morning. The game drive will continue until the early afternoon. Either return to your accommodation for a hot lunch or you will take a lunch pack with you. Then drive back through the Serengeti

Day 4 : Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Rim

Today you will have a half day game drive, early Morning at 6:00, morning breakfast will be ready for you for morning sunrise experience, you will do the morning Sunrise Safari in Serengeti, this will take place around the hippos swamp in Serengeti, visiting the river to see hippos, planes and animals how they are active in the morning. later heading to Ngorongoro for overnight and dinner.

Day 5 : Ngorongoro Crater Game then Drive to Arusha

After an early morning breakfast, we will hurry to Ngorongoro Crater, as it is the best time to spot animals. On this day, we will enjoy a game drive around the crater and stop for a picnic lunch at a small lake within the park. The lake is home to many hippos and migratory birds, so guests will be sure to enjoy the visit! Due to the animal “oasis” created within the crater, there is a high possibility of spotting every member of ‘The Big 5’. The group comprises some of the strongest animals in Africa - the ferocious lion, the giant elephant, the stealthy leopard, the charging rhino and the mighty water buffalo. Ngorongoro Crater is truly an amazing place. Did you know it was formed over two million of years ago. A large volcano erupted, collapsing the volcano, but left a perfectly unbroken crater, known as a caldera. Within the amazing crater you can expect to view the playful zebra, lumbering hippo, swift wildebeest and cackling hyenas. In addition, there are flocks of graceful flamingos along the Soda Lake, while hungry hawks and vultures circle the sky in search their next meal of discarded carcass. Beautiful storks, ibis, and cranes are popular water birds in the crater, a sight not to miss.

Day of Departure : Arusha City (Hotel) to Airport

The schedule of flight will be considered for best departure time from Arusha to Airport. Our driver will pick you from Arusha to Kilimanjaro International Airport for flight to home.

Includes in 5 Days Tanzania private Safari

  • 4x4 Safari Car
  • Food(3 Lunchboxes & Drinking water)
  • Proffessional Driver Guides
  • Wages for crew
  • Park fees
  • Bush chef
  • Rescue
  • Taxes

Excluded in 5 Days Tanzania private Safari

  • Flights
  • Gratuities for Guides/Drivers (please tip separately)
  • Visas
  • Additional park Fees

Tour Costs for 5 Days Tanzania private Safari

Tour Cost :The average cost of 5 day Tanzania Private Safari Starts from $ 700.The cost varies with the type of accommodation, numbers of days, number of people and meal plans.There are group joining Tanzania safari for more and best experience and affordable price.Book with us for an amaizing 5 Days Tanzania private Safari in 2023|2024

Accommodation Options
Type Of Hotel Cost in USD
Budget $35 - $70
Semi-Luxury $300 - $600
luxuary $650 - $1000

How to book for 5 Days Tanzania private Safari

Book for 5 Days Tanzania private Safari across Serengeti,Ngorongoro and Tarangire National park by sending us the email via redetours2005@gmail.com Or Use the Booking form below.

A Map of 5 Days Tanzania private Safari